Thursday, March 20, 2008

"When I Grow Up" More About Change in Communication and Learning

Again, along the lines of Fisch and Wesch et al., further reflection on the changing nature of communication in the world today, and the skills toward which this challenges us in teaching, learning and living.

Another video inspired by Wesch's projects on "the information r/evolution."
From TeacherTube

One Teacher's Wanderings with Web 2.0

This already is "old" in computer-dog-years; it must be at least a year old by now! I wonder what these kids are doing today?

Wesch's "Information R/evolution"

This is another video by anthropologist Michael Wesch, about "the changes in the way we find, store, create, critique, and share information."

Anthropologist Wesch's Video "The Machine is Using Us"

This video is part of a digital ethnography project by anthropologist Michael Wesch of Kansas State U. His videos and ethnograpy project have inspired many others to try their hand (and mind) at reflecting on the changing culture of communication in our lives today. Many of his own students have likewise produced videos as part of this project.

"Did You Know" Variation: Did You Know 2.0

Here is yet another version of "Did You Know?"

Digital Learning, Digital Learners

This is another clip produced to stimulate thought and conversation about the nature of learning and learners in the "digial age."

Remix of Karl Fisch's "Did You Know?"

Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod's original "Did You Know" video challenged us to think about what edcuation is moving toward in the early 21st Century. There have been quite a few remixes of this video, and a number of extensions. Here is one remix.

Pardon the Advertizing at the End....

The original name of this on YouTube is "Lighting an Educational Fire," taken from a quote by Yeats. It is a sequence of inspirational quotes about education-inspiration, set to music. Pardon the advertizing at the end (put there by the original creator of the video.)